Monday, March 06, 2006

Coolest Guy at Joe's

On the way up to St. Louis last weekend we (Nicole, Jenette, and I) stopped at Joe's Crab Shack on the east side of Kansas City. While waiting for our table we noticed a guy wearing a top hat going around to different tables making balloon hats and animals for people. He was definitely the coolest guy in the place.

As he was finishing up his rounds around the place he came up to the waiting area and asked if any of us wanted a balloon hat. We didn't, but we got to talking. It turned out that he used to be a bouncer at a place and for some reason he made the carrier change to a balloon guy. I think that you would agree that it was a good change. He seemed like a real nice guy, and he looked like he really enjoyed working with balloons.
Nothing else too eventful happened on Friday. On Saturday we got beat pretty badly by UMSL. After that we headed out to St. Louis Mills and messed around until our next game in the evening. We lost that one too, but not by as much. After that we met up with Lance who had come up for the games, but had found another rink in a parallel universe and went to that one (hopefully he will post about it on his blog).
It was cool to hang out with Lance and the hockey team on Saturday night. On Sunday we played our final game of the year against SLU. We played pretty good, but lost by five in the end. I did manage to score a goal for Lance, since he wanted me to. Because, I can score on command, I am just that cool.
But I'm still not as cool as the guy at Joe's Crab Shack.

Hockey update: Washington Univ. beat UMSL 5 to 4 in overtime in the championship game. (For you that don't follow K-State hockey, UMSL is the only team that we don't really like, so it is good that Wash. U. beat them.)


Irene said...

I ate at this place when I was in KS City for work. I even got a tee shirt, it is a hockey tee shirt. food was good too.

Big Red Lance said...

Congrats on a completing another season of hockey. It was a lot of fun to watch you guys play.