Friday, March 17, 2006

The Tale of the Cut Cable

My favorite part of any "home improvement" job that I do is the part where I go: "Oh my, what have I just done?" Let me give you an example.

Last night the internet was going very slow, and it was really getting to me. We tend to always have a slow internet connection and although I thought I had fixed it numerous times it would return to its slow ways a couple minutes later after the "fix". Well last night I was tiring to go around on the internet and it was just taking forever to do anything. So I started to get a little flustered, and decided to fix the slow internet connection once and for all.

Now, our cable running into our apartment looks like it was gnawed on by some devil or toddler (commonly thought of as the same thing in many African countries). And I had always thought that that might contribute to our bad internet connection, but I never really wanted to deal with it. Until, that is, last night. Since the internet was going painfully slow, so I jumped up, grabbed some pliers and cut the cable below the gnaw marks on it. This is where my favorite part comes in. I had just cut the cable running into my house without really making a plan of action. My TV was working fine, and my internet was working (to some degree) and I just cut the cable that made them work. This is when I thought "Oh my, what have I just done?"

I had thoughts of having to call up Telecom and having to explain to them that I had just cut that cable into my house and I wanted them to fix it, I am sure that they would be thrilled about that. Well, after the weight of what I had done passed I got down to business. I stripped the new end of the cable and tried to yank off the connecter at the end of the old cable to no avail. So I stuck the new end of the cable directly into the cable splitter, and voila! fast internet, and I still have TV signals, and Telecom doesn't even need to find out.
But let me tell you, my apartment gets more ghetto every day:


hockeyfrog said...

I am so getting you cable crimping tools for Christmas.

Irene said...

You are too funny Shannon. But I will warn you. without the little screw on connector, you are leaking signal and your cable company may be a pain in the neck about it if they notice. but for now, enjoy your faster connection! good for you.