Tuesday, March 15, 2005

and it's not sld!

This morning was one of the most productive mornings that i have had in awhile. I got my 320 grading done, got ready for class today, and got my test questions off to Dr.Higgins. All I have left to do is 722 homework, but that has been pushed back until after Spring Break, so my want to work on it is low.
Also today i found out why i wasn't getting alot of the emails that my students say they are sending me. It is because they are using my old eid of sld. The only reason that ihave that eid is because when i first started teaching you could not be a student and an instructoron the same account, so that was my instructor account. But now my normal account is both, so i don't deal with my sld eid at all anymore.
But i had a suspicion that people searched it out on K-State Online and were trying to get a holdof me that way, and sure enough they were. Oh well, if they can't read the syllabus where i have my correct email then i guess it's their own fault...

must remember to tell them in class today my correct email addy.

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