Monday, March 28, 2005

MGM v. Grokster

EFF (article)

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Come watch MGM v Grokster, the fate of the match will determine the fate of all innovation. MGM claims Grokster should be responsible for copyright infringement because they took no measure to prevent it in their program. Grokster claims that the users are to blame for the copyright infringement, not them. Who is gonna win? All eyes are set on the arena. Two ideas go in, one fate of innovation comes out.
Why do i say that? Because if MGM wins, P2P programs are basically illegal since they can trade copyrighted material, messaging would be illegal, digital cameras are illegal, other camera are illegal, computers are illegal, phones illegal, photocopiers definitely illegal, pencils illegal. Because in all of their designs they do not take steps to stop copyright infringement.

Really, if Grokster loses we are gonna live in a copyright swamp for years to come, and no company would dare to make anything new because they would be afraid to be sued. (maybe not that extreme, but let me tell you it will not be fun.)

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

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