Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Koran scholar: US will cease to exist in 2007

Jerusalem Post (article)

A thorough analysis of the Koran reveals that the US will cease to exist in the year 2007, according to research published by Palestinian scholar Ziad Silwadi.

The study, which has caught the attention of millions of Muslims worldwide, is based on in-depth interpretations of various verses in the Koran. It predicts that the US will be hit by a tsunami larger than that which recently struck southeast Asia.

Bible code meets the Koran, but with an improvement that the Bible Code guys will not do: make a prediction. Well, if it does happen it'll be nice to be near the ocean for once.

Also, this is another reason why science and religion should not get intertwined with each other...

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newgen said...

good thing we're in kansas, huh? if that happens I'll just float to safety on a cow. cows swim, right? or was that ducks? I get the two confused. :)