Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Laser Shock (site)

Laser Shock comes in a box with two guns connected to two breastplates. Each player uses the straps to fasten their breastplate to their chest, (the straps are adjustable accommodating most sizes of player), then activates their gun by pressing the reset button and pointing the gun at their opponents breastplate. This will cause the lights on the breastplate to light up – indicating that they have six ‘lives'. Once both players have done this they are ready to battle.

Each player can choose between two intensity levels of electric shock. If you choose to go for the lower level of shock it won't ‘buzz' as much when you take a direct hit, (this happens when your opponent hits your breast plate), but when you shoot your opponent you will only knock off one of their lives. If you choose the higher level setting then the ‘buzz' of a direct hit will be more fierce but because you're prepared to take a greater risk you will knock out two of your opponent's lives every time you're on target.

Each gun is equipped with 5 ‘bullets' - once you've used all your bullets you have to reload – which you do by cocking the gun. You then have to wait 5 seconds for your bullets to be activated, so remember to take cover.

i want! i want!

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