Monday, March 28, 2005

The game is afoot once again. From ambers comment on the origianl Ztar2 post:

Since the Yahoo Tech Buzz game got hacked... I've had to do SOMETHING... and with a little web magic, i've turned the game site's bad programming back into full size again (if you ever play it, change the extension .html to .swf).. and behold. I'm tired of this stupid game (but will probably play it for a few more weeks, because I'm odd like that.)

With it she includes a screen capture where she has scored 170,940 to beat my old high score of 170,855.

so here is a link to the game that is full screen for firefox: Ztar2 (thanks for that fix Amber!)

ok on to concour the new high score!


Ookami Snow said...

oi that took forever... i think Blogger needs to upgrade their stuff...

anyways i just got 173,540. I once again am king of the Ztar2 (for a minute or two...) (screen capture)

Ookami Snow said...

And for my last trick of the night i will score 175,165.

The Math Ninja said...




Ookami Snow said...



Ookami Snow said...

edit i mean 228635