Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pre-Breakfast warm-up

OK, ok, ok, *today* is the last day of March. And what a fine day it is going to be... well i don't know that for sure, but you should have high hopes for any day, right?
Anyways, game night went pretty good last night. We had sausage and onion pizza, BLT salad and rhubarb-strawberry crisp. We played the game argue. Argue is a game where two people have a structured argument over some topic, like, are the Olympics overrated or which TV show is better, Rosanne or Home Improvement, then everyone else votes on who they thought argued their side better. It turned out to be a pretty fun game, although it does take a couple of turns for you to get in the 'mood' to argue. So if you want a good cheapish game, that prob. no one else has, pick up argue from its website (I don't think they sell it in stores).
Now on to the wonderful land of oatmeal and tea.

Side note: apparently cheapish is a word, cause spell-check doesnt have a problem with it... that or I have already added it to the dictionary...

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