Tuesday, March 29, 2005

So at what point is it stealing?

Just got back from getting game night food supplies from Dillions. One thing that was surprising was the price for rhubarb. It was 3.99 a pound. But we needed it so we got a littleover one pound. When we checked out the girl there looked like she had no idea what the heck it was, and after flipping through the produce charts for a bit she gave up and rung it up as celery, $1.37 total. I was gonna correct her but i figured it wasn't really my fault she didn't ask what it was. Well, and lately we have basically been giving dillions produce money because we buy stuff and then throw it away a week later cause we forgot about it. Oh well, the dessert for tomorrow night just got $4 cheaper to make. :)

BW3 report: Either Eddie or Amber won the mini-six, and Amber won the showdown (400th or so in the nation)... I was first in the nation until the final question, that i got wrong, lost half my points, and finished 14th. Huzzah!

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