Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Coming War on Blogs

Tech Central Station (article)

It's a universal law of capitalism: when an industry faces a new and significant threat to its profits and powers it turns to the government for protection. Well, bloggers who write on current events are challenging the mainstream media (MSM), the most politically well-connected industry in America. Watch for the MSM to start using their political influence to burden bloggers.

This is a good article about the future problems that bloggers might have if the old media industry fights to stay alive, as is, instead of changing with the times.

A good preview of this fight might be the fight that P2Pers fight right now. Because, now think about this, newspapers going around suing bloggers for copyright infringement, much like how the music goons are suing P2Pers seems like a logical next step *if* the media feels threatened by blogs. So lets hope the suing does not win out over P2P. (Oh and the key in the P2P fight will be when BitTorrent is attacked, if it stands, P2P will win, if it falls P2P will be hurt beyond repair.)
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Basu said...

P2P, blogs and other tools of the people must not be allowed to fall Never!