Saturday, March 26, 2005

(not pictured)

The rest of the time between Anti-Grav and now has gone fine.
Yesterday we ate salmon, cheese and olives over at Jenette and chris' while we watched Finding Neverland. The movie is very good, I give it an A on my list.
Today we ate lunch at So Long, then Nicole, my dad and I, looked for B-Day presents for chris at some shops around town, most cooly was Humble Abode (which is down by Radio Shack fer all ya that live in Manhappiness). The store has a very good selection of clocks, lights and seating, all of it is priced relatively well. My dad got me a futon table for my B-day from the store. (More about the futon table later). We ended up going to Home Depot and bought some track lighting for Chris for his birthday (I didn't my dad did). After the hunt we all (us plus jenette, chris, and michelle) headed on over to ye old Cold Stone for some ice cream and to give presents. After Cold Stone Gary and Michelle left, and i have been working on catching myself up with the world.

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