Monday, March 28, 2005

The revenge of Sapir-Whorf

Copyfight (blargticle)

In addition to a lack of negative effects, the study argues, there is evidence for a positive correlation between sharing music and purchasing more new music.

Very true. Back about a year ago i was very into anime. But then came the University high-speed internet and the end of my being able to download fan-subbed animes. And guess what, my interest in anime has almost dropped to zero. Same thing has happened with music, back in the day i was up to date with music, and i could go to a record store and find many CDs that i wanted, now there are hardly any i want, mainly because I have no idea what anybody new sounds like. As a result i have not went to a record store to buy a new CD since John Mayer... which (ironically) i had grown to love because I downloaded all of his music.

free stuff generates interest generates money.

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