Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Court conflicted over file-swapping

SCOTUSblog (blargticle)

reyer wondered whether a lawyer for a developer -- for example, the inventor of the iPod -- could assure his client that he could continue to develop new products without fear of being held liable for the illegal uses to which the products might be used by some. Verrilli tried to provide assurances.

Scalia wondered aloud "how much time you get [as a designer] to bring up the lawful use so it outweighs the unlawful use," and thus copyright liability is averted. Verrilli said inventors would not have "absolute certainty" that they could avoid liability.

Well the hearing has been heard, now we just have to wait until late spring for a ruling. From reading this post about what went on during the hearing it looks like MGM and co. don't realize how much stuff they are trying to make illegal.

Some fun trivia; what was the first thing that the music industry tried to ban? give up? It’s the music destroying invention of player pianos.
These guys are (and always have been) retards.

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