Monday, March 21, 2005

Since the service was so fast at Sarape’s, we made it to the arena rather early. So this is what we ended up doing for about thirty minutes while we waited for them to let us in to the arena so we could go to the bathroom.

By the time the doors opened there was a pretty good sized crowd waiting to get in and there was a good number of Oklahoma Blazers fans in along with the Tarantula fans. When we got in we didn’t go to the bathroom right away because all the merchandise was half off since it was the last game of the season for the T’Rants. We got a tan (home) jersey, and jenette and chris got a blue (away) jersey and an orange (third) jersey.
Then we went to the bathroom.


hockeyfrog said...


But I have two now, so I guess that is a plus. :D

Ookami Snow said...

It looks like nicole also has a problem with only one leg... maybe it's a girl thing. :)

nettymus said...

Are you calling me a boy?