Tuesday, March 08, 2005

so far so good

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on 722 homework, which was due today. It was a very difficult assignment, and no one really had a good idea of how to do it. But it basically boiled down to Lane's way or my way. The reason i didn't go with lane's way is because it just didn't make sense to me... so i tired to do it a different way. I got to thinking: 'i used to be able to do stats homework really quickly, now it takes me forever, and i think it is because i am too easily swayed by the way that other people do their home work. So for this assignmenti am just gonna do what ever makes sense to me.' So off i went working on a model that everyone else thought was wrong. By 10.30pm there were still some major doubts, but i got done with the write up, so i didn't care. Then this morning Lance decided to go with my model and Lane stopped by my office and asked if things were working out for me, I said they did and why i thought my model was right. And do you know what, Lane decided to switch over to my model (which is a big deal because lane is prob the smartest guy in the class) as well. So now there was major pressure on my model being right.
Since people were switching models Dr. Yang gave us an extra day to finish up our homework, but he did give us a hint on how to do it. And you knowwhat, he basically said to do the model that i did. After he got done talking about it I wanted to dance around, because i really did get what to do. (and having lane switch over to my model put alot of pressure on it being right, which luckily it was).

other than that, my day has been just like any other Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, having the right model!!!!! When i first started grad school, we had a couple of study groups. Didn't work well for me. My prof said the same thing when he was working on Phd. he would just get confused and worried. See you friday R