Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is the QuikTrip next to the hockey arena.
QuikTrips are the best gas stations around (but as far as I know they are only in Missouri). They have a very good selection of fountain drinks, slushies, hot drink makers, and even a machine that makes milkshakes. If you ever looking to goto a gas station and a QT is an option, go there.
While on the subject of gas stations, Dara’s in Manhattan is a very good chain (Manhattan only) as well... and if all else fails the Kwikie Mart (Kwik Shop) is a safe bet (Kansas only).


hockeyfrog said...

QuikTrips are in KS too.. just not around here. They've got them in Wichita, and they've got them in KC Metro (KS side). I always fill up at the one a couple blocks from my Dad's in Shawnee... usually the gas is cheaper :D

Moral Turpitude said...

In Wisconsin we have "Kwik" Trips. Another clever variation! I'll bet on the moon they have QwicTryps.