Friday, March 04, 2005

Moral Turpitude

Moral Turpitude (blog)

So it occurred to me today that one of the finest insults in the english language is also one of the most simple. "Your face." It is especially effective because it can be used in response to someone's comments of concern. Helpful illustrations:

A: What do you think caused your stomach ache?
B: Your face.

So while doing my 'dance of death' with my pizza i decided to check out the person who commented on my pizza seduction in the first place... And, oh my, it's some pretty good stuff there. She has only had her blog for a couple of months so it is not hard to read all of them... if you need something funny to read, *after you get done reading my stuff*, click on over there.


Moral Turpitude said...
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Moral Turpitude said...

Did this post? If not, I will reshare my concerns:

Although I think we can agree that milk is generally acknowledged to be an unreliable witness, I still harbor serious concern for these slices of pizza. This incident reeks of cult suicide. Has anyone tested the beverage found at the scene for arsenic?