Friday, March 04, 2005

The seduction of the pizza.

Today is a very nice day out. So nice, i didn't even need a jacket when walking to school, around 10 this morning. Today has been pretty easy, i took the 720test, which went fine, except for one question where i didn't know how he wanted me to answer it, so i put both possible cases down (one is what to do in the real world, one is what to do if we cant randomize correctly...) other than that i sat around in help lab for a bit while people were making up 320_330exams (as in, they were taking the exam late, not they were making the tests).

So now i am home and i gots to do some cleaning and packing for our weekend hockey extravaganza at St.L.

But first i shall seduce a couple of pieces of pizza, and convince them to get in my belly.


Anonymous said...

Good luck at St. L. Tell everyon hi! Dave was sick to day so took him to the doc. and stayed home from work. I leave about 3:30 for class in Dodge, get home about 10. At this point I think Michelle and I will come up next Fri. She does not have school on Fri, so will leave in the morning and get there early afternoon. Maybe you and I can work on my thesis then, get done with that in the afternoon. Michelle wants to find a prom dress. I would like to find one there (Manhattan) if possible.

Moral Turpitude said...

Do you always lead your readers to the edge then not push them over? Was the seduction of the pizza successfull??
*on a diet and living vicariously through the blogs of others*

Ookami Snow said...


sorry, lately I've been titling my posts after i get done writing them, so whatever i am thinking about what i get done writing is the name of the post.

But an update on the matter: I tricked the pizza into getting in the microwave, soon they won't have a choice but to bend to my every will!