Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005 Freestyle Formal Dance Competition

Here are some clips from the 2005 Freestyle Formal Dance competition held in Garden City, Kansas.

First we have Chris:

He started off strong with a Kicking Squirrel, and then moved to the Boxing Nun, but his lack of conditioning showed and he ended off the routine weakly.
Overall score: 7.75

Next was my performance:

I started off with a Power Mill which I rolled into a Red Signal Call and then quickly into a Half-Moth (Memphis Style), then I improved a little and threw in a Flashing K (to the left), then on to my normal power move of the Box Shove, after that on to my crowd pleasing Flapping Amy (During which I said "crap" a 0.50 point deduction), you can see that the penalty phased me as I started with a Robot Monkey, but I stopped mid-stride and changed it to a Green Wave, and I concluded with a Superman. I lost intensity during the Green Wave which hurt me, but in the end I think I performed quite well.
Overall Score: 8.00 - 0.50(penalty) = 7.50

Next was Jenette:

Jenette traditionally goes with her Belly Dancing background and steals the show with a Reverse Pepper Grinder to start off her routines, but she surprised everyone and started off with an Angry Ape, a hard move to follow up. But showing her brilliant dancing style she moved directly into an Angry Monkey. Finally she kept the quality of her routine up with the technically difficult Turnip Picker.
Overall Score: 8.00

Next up was Nicole:

Nicole is always a crowd favorite and is regarded as the best "East Coast" Style Formal Dancer. She stared out with a New York Shimmy, which she rolled quickly into a Mexican Two-Step, she then went directly into a Canadian Two-Step and then obviously to the American Two-Step, to finish off the "North American Two-Step" a dance combo which she pioneered. She displayed a brilliant amount of Freestyle Formal Dance knowledge with the performance and the judges rewarded her for it.
Overall Score: 8.50

After Nicole was Newgen the reigning champion of Freestyle Formal Dance:

He displayed why he was the champion, starting off with a Double Bake and then a Dog Leg, and then a Robertson Slide and then another Dog Leg. Then, as to taunt the other Dancers, he goes with a Double Bake again and *ANOTHER* Dog Leg, amazing, he truly is a master of the Freestyle Formal Dance. He then finished off his dance with a Left Throwdown, which as you can hear, impressed the crowd.
Overall Score: 9.25

But not to be outdone, the new Dancer from the North, known as Pickle, went last:

He started in jaw-dropping fashion with a Minnesota Shimmy, then a Joker Wave, and then another Minnesota Shimmy, then to an Orange Toe Grab, then a Golden Reach and a Hole Sweep. But what would happen next would go down in Freestyle Formal Dance history; he does a Half Kansas Free Fall into a Minnesota Shimmy! Brilliant! I will always remember where I was when I saw that. This brought the crowd to their feet, and left no doubts in the judges mind's who was the 2005 Freestyle Formal Dance Champion; "Minnesota Shimmy" Pickle.
Overall Score: 9.75


Bruce Khan said...

Heyyy! that was nice. You're a pretty good dancer, but what's the deal with the point reduction for saying, "Crap!"?!
I mean, that's just CRAP!

TwistedNoggin said...

Ok, this is hilarious. What was really going on here, anyway?

As for the point reduction... he broke the mood, man! You can't be breakin the mood with the speach when you are making art through movement!


Worst Weather Ever said...

whoa sweet videos! youre just down the street in the little apple, midwest blogs unite

The Math Ninja said...

I really think the Shimmy is what won it for Pickle. :)

Irene said...

You are all crazy. This was the most professional and fairly based judging I've ever seen in a sport this important to our society! Brownie points to the talented contestants and the wonderful judges. The training that must have went into this was probably mind boggling!!I wish I was there to witness this even personally. I will regret not having that experience for the rest of my life.