Thursday, January 19, 2006

Arg! update

(Update from the last post)

This is how things are turning out:

1. I talked to Dr. Loughin, he said that he will drop me for "non-attendance", since that is something pretty easy to do for him. But he also accused me dragging him into a big lie. Luckily he was joking.

2. I talked to Dr. Boyer. He said to just skip it. Doesn't really fix the problem of a broken syllabus, but it solves my problem for now.

3-5. I talked to Dr. Boyer about this as well. He said that the Dept. is getting a new server that will fix everything. I have my doubts about it fixing everything, but it should be an improvement... I don't ask for much; just a connection to the internet, SAS, and the ability to print.

My karma situation has yet to improve, after figuring out the above problems I successfully inserted my pencil into my finger, which bled more than I thought it would.

I guess one good thing about the day is that my Data Mining class is rescheduled for tomorrow since 50% of the class (the other person) is going to be waiting in line to get tickets to see President Bush's speech.

So now I think I am going to go home and play Civ IV. I was going to work on my master's report. But if God wanted me to work on it today he wouldn't have poked me with a pencil and made me bleed... or something like that.)

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