Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You know what?


happykat said...

This.....this is scarey. From one Jayhawker to another, hip hip hooray :D

happykat said...

I just noticed that my fav movie is on your list as well.......now I'm gonna have nightmares!!*grin*

Btw, you got a thing against smiling pussy? Like I said, its harmless.(hehehe)

Okay, WHY does kansas rock? This I gotta hear.

Ookami Snow said...

No real reason.
I just got done re-doing the Kanzas flag, which serves no purpose other than the awesomeness that it brings to the normal Kansas flag.

So since I was working on the flag I went ahead and added the tag line and threw it up on CafePress.

But in general Kansas does rock. Even without the Z's.


Here is the CafePress store:

BTW: Where are you from in Kansas?

happykat said...

Near Wichita.......about 45 minutes away.

Ookami Snow said...

Cool Beans!

(That one goes out to Michelle)