Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie Review: Underworld Evolution

The sequel to Underworld is finaly here, and since I liked it the first time around, I thought I would give the second one a shot.

This movie was full of blood, boobs and blue. (This should have been their tagline.) In short this movie was ok, worth a $5 matinee, but defiantly not worth a regular priced movie ticket. It was too violent for me, and it was sort of thin in the unique idea department (UV bullets and the such are part of the reason why I liked the first Underworld). I wouldn't say that this movie is a failure, but it is far from inspiring. It seems that they just took some of the characters from the first movie and made them interact with each other to get a new movie... that is what most sequels are, but I guess I just wanted more from it.

Like I said if you want to watch this grab a matinee, or wait and rent it, I am sure blood splatters look the same no matter what size they are. One last warning: If you don't like the color blue, just stay away, the whole movie is shot in blue hues.

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happykat said...

Dude, its a *movie* about vampires. Of course its violent and full of blood!
I will agree that the movie relied on the violence and gore more than the plot line. I will also agree that the story was full of holes and inconsistancies. BUT it is a movie....about vampires....a movie. Its not supposed to be inspiring or thought provoking; its there to entertain.....nothing more. (plus there is brief man-fanny)
Go in with the right attitude and you will have a good time.
Side note: ending completely perdictable but still enjoyable.