Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Hey, let's go watch the Orange Bowl at BW3's!"

I said in my innocence, unaware of the futility the teams would display on the field. Unaware of the futility of trying to get home at a reasonable time it would be. Unaware of the futility that filed goal kicking really is.

"Hey, it sounds like something fun to do, right?"

Not right, it was not even close to right. Close to right would be a score, three points, game over, you can go home. Far off from right would be wide left, field goal no good, sit, stay, cheer, sneer; "Sorry, let's try to get a win next hour."

"It'll be an enjoyable evening of light football fun." I say. Fun, like watching a bunch of inept people trying to write a paper.
"And done." They would say after making the title, forgetting that they would actually have to write the paper to be done. Then they would write the paper for 5 long hours, but not only that, just before anyone could say "done" the paper would be erased, three times, because they pressed "Ctrl-A" then Delete. They would have all of the control in the world, and then delete all that progress with one fell swoop, or should I say kick. "We'll get 'em next time!" they would say. As they sit down to attempt to finish the paper again, trying a new way of hitting delete, just before the paper is complete

"Hey, let's go watch the Orange Bowl at BW3's!" I say in my innocence. Unaware of what was ahead for me.


Aaron Brown said...

That was the longest college or proffessional football I've ever seen (in person or on TV). Yikes...

hockeyfrog said...

I'm sorry I missed it!

I, on the other hand, had the mystery shops from hell yesterday apparently. It took forever to input the info. Geebus. Let me know whats up for next week, and we'll see what I can do. :)

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, I'm just glad Penn State finally won.