Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Luecke Trees

Google Local - Austin, TX (map)

This is one of the most impressive things that I have seen on Google maps. Somebody spelled out Luecke (was it Luecke himself?) in trees west of Austin. And it isn't just one line of trees; it is like a grove for each letter.

You can't argue with the spiffiness of that.


Big Red Lance said...

That is just plain awesome. That seriously takes up like three miles. What shocked me was looking at the whole shot on the link, if you scroll all the way to the left, I think you'll see a nine-hole golf course that takes up about as much space as half of an "E". That's huge.

Anonymous said...

This is EAST of Austin, not west. It's just north of Smithville, TX. I have flown over it in my plane many times going from Austin to Houston. Passengers always get a kick out of it.