Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Red vs. Black Game

Even though the 2005 PIFF season is over, there is no reason to forget about fantasy football during the playoffs.
I present the first ever 'Red vs. Black Game'. I somewhat randomly divided the PIFF teams into two divisions. The Black division is teams that are currently located in the Central Pirate Islands Region (Eastern Kansas), the Red division is the rest of the teams. So division alignments go like this:

Red Division:
Harbor Coast Red Burns
Pirataly Vampirates
Scotslandi Kilters
Svinksland Pillagers
Tsukestan Picklers

Black Division:
Ambersandia &'s
Futontopia Eldars
Kreplachistan Rebels
Snotvia Snotknockers
Tea Republic Steepers

The way the Red vs. Black game will work is as follows:
Each round of the playoffs corresponds to one quarter in the game. For each playoff round the best players from each division during the 2005 season will be the roster for the quarter. Only players that are playing in that round of the playoffs will be fielded for the fantasy game. After each round of playoffs the teams will be changed to keep the best active players playing in the fantasy game. The division with the highest total score after the four quarters is the winner.

Other rules:
It is possible that a division will not be able to field a player for a position, that position will be left empty.
If one division can not field a DEF, then the other division does not need to field one.
The "Coach" spot is just ornamental, and just is a reflection of who has the most players in the game at that time, the Coach does not need change the line-up from week to week, or at all, since the lineup is pre-determined.

So without further delay here are the lineups for the 1st quarter of the Red vs. Black game.

Red Team (1st Qtr.):

Pos Player Pts NFL Team
QB E. Manning - NYG Picklers
RB T. Barber - NYG Red Burns
WR1 H. Ward - Pit Vampirates
WR2 P. Burress - NYG Red Burns
WR3 A. Randle El - Pit Pillagers
TE C. Cooley - Was Vampirates
K J. Feely - NYG Kilters
DEF Carolina - Car Red Burns
DB R. Mathis - Jax Red Burns
DL1 S. Rice - TB Pillagers
DL2 M. Strahan - NYG Vampirates
Coach Lance Red Burns

Black Team (1st Qtr.):

Pos Player Pts NFL Team
QB C. Palmer - Cin Rebels
RB C. Dillon - NE Eldars
WR1 S. Smith - Car Snotknockers
WR2 C. Johnson - Cin &'s
WR3 J. Galloway - TB Snotknockers
TE J. Shockey - NYG Snotknockers
K J. Kasay - Car &'s
DEF Washington - Was &'s
DB T. Polamalu - Pit Rebels
DL1 O. Umenyiora - NYG Steepers
DL2 J. Peppers - Car &'s
Coach Amber &'s

I'll keep you updated on the scores as they come in this weekend.


The Math Ninja said...

Your blog looks fun.

Aaron Brown said...

LOL Nicole, your comment looks like a spammer commenter's. For example...

I really like your blog, I think you'd like this website of mine. Go check it out :P

PS - As the QB & DB coach of Team Black, GO BLACK! :)