Tuesday, January 03, 2006

PIFF 2005 All-Stars

Here are the All-Star teams for the 2005 Pirate Island Fantasy Football season.

First Team:

Pos Player Pts Team
QB C. Palmer 164 Rebels
RB S. Alexander 280 &'s
WR1 S. Smith 90 Snotknockers
WR2 D. Hall 72 Pillagers
WR3 L. Fitzgerald71 Rebels
TE A. Gates 59 Kilters
K N. Rackers 113 Picklers
DEF Chicago -42 Rebels
DB T. McGee 58 &'s
DL1 Ja. Taylor 38 Red Burns
DL2 D. Burgess 37 &'s
Coach Amber &'s

Second Team:

Pos Player Pts Team
QB P. Manning 149 Steepers
RB L. Johnson 224 Picklers
WR1 M. Harrison 68 Snotknockers
WR2 J. Galloway 66 Snotknockers
WR3 C. Johnson 67 &'s
TE J. Shockey 45 Snotknockers
K J. Feely 74 Kilters
DEF Carolina -77 Red Burns
DB C. Carr 49 Steepers
DL1 S. Rice 35 Pillagers
DL2 O. Umenyiora 35 Steepers
Coach Aaron Rebels

Worst Team:

Pos Player Pts Team
QB D. Bledsoe 73 Red Burns
RB R. Droughns 92 Vampirates
WR1 I. Bruce 24 Eldars
WR2 M. Muhammad 29 Red Burns
WR3 W. Pounder 30 Kilters
TE B. Franks 7 Eldars
K P. Edinger 36 Red Burns
DEF Cincinnati -216 &'s
DB R. Mathis 13 Red Burns
DL1 Do. Edwards 10 Eldars
DL2 W. McGinest 13 Eldars
Coach Newgen Eldars

The First and Second teams are based off the scores of the best player a team has in that position. The Worst team is still the best player a team has in that position, but the worst at it in the league. The Coaches we picked by the number of players they had on the first and second teams, and not on the worst team (with some weighting added in).

2004 All-Stars

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Aaron Brown said...

2 Years in a row of:

1) Coaching the 2nd team in the PIFFL Pro Bowl
2) Having the stingiest defense in the league :)