Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hockey Trip

Well we basically just got back from our first weekend of hockey. (Actually we got back about 4 hours ago, but close enough.)

We played well, but lost all our games, we had the lead for a good portion of our first game, but we were able to lose it in the end 5-6. The other two games weren't as close. But we played pretty good, and our team always seems to be getting better (rather than getting worse, as it did for the last couple of years). Ok now on to better stuff.

We went to Best Buy while we were up in St. Louis, it kept us entertained. Nicole really liked the Geek Squad car, so much so that she posed for a picture with it (there were even people around when she did).

Chris was in awe of the 37" plasma TV hooked up to a computer. He played Call of Duty 2 for a good 15-30 minutes on that. We decided that it really is a must have for any house.

Next Nicole found a guitar game for the PS2. The game has alot like Taiko, but with a guitar to play instead of a drum. Nicole wasn't too good at first but she learned pretty quickly.

After that we saw that they had a Dance Dance Revolution game going, and since Nicole always says that she wants one, we made her play it. I got a video of her dancing up a storm which I will post tomorrow.

The only other news is that it is Maria's B-Day for two more hours (she's 19) so; Happy Birthday. And that the Super Bowl will be the Seahawks and the Steelers, if you didn't watch today's games. (*sigh* the Broncos sucked it up...)

Welp, I am going to work on the Red vs. Black game some, look for the updated scores tomorrow morning.

(Update: Now with pics!)

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