Thursday, January 19, 2006


Today is starting off not so hot. "Why" you ask? Consider:

1. I need to drop a class but the last day to do so was yesterday over Kats. So now I will have to actually fill out a drop slip, grumble cakes.

2. I have to write up two days worth of notes over something that the book spends 10 paragraphs on, and previously I spent 5 minutes on. That is just stupid.

3. Even if I were to write up the notes it wouldn't be of much help, because the printer in our lab doesn't work here, at all. It hasn't for three days now.

4. So I should be able to print off the notes to the class that I have in the University computing lab, right? Normally yes, but I have to also print off 23 pages for today's Data Mining class... that's almost a quarter of my free prints for the semester, for just one day of class notes.

5. And even if the printer in the lab worked, it probably wouldn't matter, because there traditionally is only one out of seven computers that can access the internet *and* print. I am using that computer right now, sans printing function. And the only reason I was able to get this one is because I got here at 7 this morning, in hopes of getting said above items done. It is now 45minutes later and all I have done is found out 5 things that I can not get done.

I better catch some dang good karma later on today...

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