Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Wild West is alive!

And it's inside our computers.

It is amazing how I can miss something this big:

Wars and Conflicts
From January 7, 2006 to January 8, 2006, users from joined users from 4chan, KNova, Newgrounds, LUElinks, LUE, General Mayhem, Adult Swim and other internet communities to invade the eBaum's World forums. This attack, which included DDoS attacks, was provoked by Eric Bauman - the owner of eBaum's World - hosting an image created by a user on his site without crediting the original author. He had also altered the image, a GIF file compiled of Lindsay Lohan photographs, and placed an eBaum's World watermark on it.

"The Raid", or "YTMND-Day", as it is referred to by users, was planned to begin at 12:00 AM Eastern standard time on January 8th. However, many individuals began the attack shortly after 11:00 PM, causing the eBaum's World forums to experience database errors and a complete crash by 12:00 AM. The eBaum's World forum was soon restored by its tech support team. Later that morning, a user hacked the eBaum's World forum database, causing all users of the forum to be redirected to

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Later would be the subject of a DoS attack.
This is actually called the "Second World War" of hacking, the first being between Chinese and American hackers back in 2001.

Things in this "war" got pretty ugly, which also means very funny. (Check it out)

And now you know.

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hockeyfrog said...

eBaum had it coming anyway... long story, but yeah. They had it coming.