Monday, January 09, 2006

Yard Invaders

Fetchfido's Free Online Games - Yard Invaders (game)

Yard Invaders is a re-make of Space Invaders. But this time you are a French kid that has a duck and you throw apples at the invaders. Even though I generally don't like remakes, (usually because they just re-make the exact same game, only they make it worse) this one is actually really good.
The best improvement is the apples, because you only have a limited amount of shots before you have to run around and collect more ammo, also it takes more than one hit to kill a spaceship, which normally bugs me but in this game it is fun... prob. because they spin out of control for a second when you hit them with an apple.
I just can't figure one thing out about the game; What's the duck for?

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