Sunday, January 08, 2006

KC and Newgen

Andrea (Newgen's fiancee) had been planning for a surprise birthday party for Newgen for a couple of weeks and today was the day. So how did it go? Well he at least didn't run away when he got there. We even got him is blow out candles.

Other than the mandatory copyright infringement, that go with birthday singing, Andrea also had planned out a murder mystery to do. It was pretty fun, and luckily the acting was pretty low key. That way I didn't have to worry about my self-imposed Irish accent (not really, I wouldn't do that, although Chris was taking about using a Russian accent.)

But no, I wasn't the killer... although i did have an affair with the victim's fiancee... which works out fine for me since she was played by Nicole. ^_^

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The Math Ninja said...

It was pretty fun, but I kinda wish the murder mystery part would have been a little longer. After we got into it, I was like, okay, now what? And we just guessed who did it. We should have talked a little bit more after round 3. However, it was fun and it makes me wonder about when we can do the pirate one.