Thursday, March 03, 2005

it's A-Mazing!

Today was a pretty good day, it had a good mix of work and fun, it kept me on task, but i didn't just work the day away as well. I studied for the test until 10.00, during which time i talked to Kevin (a stat undergrad, who is taking 720 as well) and Lance some. During such conversatinglance claimed that retroactive had a dash in it, Kevin called him on it, and sure enough retroactive does not have a dash in it. Lance then qualified his position say that it does in advertisements. This assertion lead me to make fun of the idea of using dashes in advertisements. such as: Have you tried Retro-Active-Cola? It's A-Mazing!!! Made in the U-S-A! :) fun times (it works better if you say dash for each of the dashes.)

in other notes, i bought a package of socks tonight so i didn't have to do laundry.

well there was a slew of interesting news today, so i'm gonna get on to posting that.

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