Tuesday, April 19, 2005

APFL round up

This upcoming season looks a little better for the APFL. The Kansas Koyotes will face two new teams, and both have a possibility of being good. One is the Wichita Aviators, and the other is the Nebraska Bears. I still expect the Koyotes to run the table, but, maybe, just maybe, they may lose a game. (And even though i am a Koyote fan I think that a loss would help the league greatly.)

The biggest step forward that the APFL made this year is a complete set of games for the rest of the teams to play in. This means that not only will the Koyotes play each week, but up to two more game will also be played (amazing, I know ^_^). If the APFL can pull it off, it will help enormously with the credibility of the league.

Here is the Koyotes Schedule: 
APRIL 23 Nebraska Bears   
APRIL 30 Wichita Aviators   
MAY 6 @ Iowa Blackhawks   
MAY 14 Overland Park Storm   
MAY 21 @ Wichita Aviators   
MAY 28 @ Nebraska Bears   
JUNE 4 Missouri Minutemen   
JUNE 11 Iowa Blackhawks   
JUNE 18 Rocky Mountain Thunder (Not part of the APFL, part of the IPFL)   
JUNE 25 Off   
JULY 2 @ Wichita Aviators   
JULY 9 APFL PLAYOFFS (2nd vs. 3rd team, winner plays in championship)   

Here are the links to the other teams schedules (that have posted them on the web):

Iowa Blackhawks
Nebraska Bears
Missouri Minutemen
Wichita Aviators
Overland Park Storm (I can't find their schedule)

Well, here's hoping that the APFL '05 is a good season.


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