Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today has been your run of the mill Wednesday except Wendy Boberg came up from Arkansas to give a talk about her job experience so far. Fer yous that don't know, Wendy graduated from the Stat department last year, and took a job with a medical group out of Little Rock Arkansas (i can't remember who.. i'll post that tomorrow when i get to my office). She had a very good presentation, and the place looks like a fun place to work, and in-fact they are increasing their statisticians over the next couple of years, so that may be a company to look into.
But they are out of Little Rock, so I don't know how southern they are, I did ask if they called soda pop; soda, pop, or coke, and they say coke... which is a pretty southern answer...
Well I'm gonna keep on getting ready for game night tonight.

p.s. Just a reminder: Anything But Joey is ... was :( ... one of the best bands ever! :D

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hockeyfrog said...

Um, yeah ABJ was :D