Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today I went to class, but I did not get too far on the crossword puzzle. While looking around the newspaper (to avoid having to think about the crossword puzzle, which I was doing to avoid having to think about design of experiments) I noticed an ad for 2.99 pitas down at the Pita Pit. So after class got out, Lance and I walked to the Pit, but the line was almost out the door, so lance left to grab some food from somewhere else, but I stuck to my guns and got a cheap pita. Actually, I got my food in about five minutes, which is about as quick as you would get it anywhere else. After the Pita Pit I walked home and played on the computer for a bit.

Unfortunately I had to call off game night for tonight because Jenette and Chris are sick, and Aaron and I have a test thing to do... so it would have been Nicole cooking dinner for just Amber. Oh well, we will make the food some other time this week.
Ok, now I really need to get on cleaning up my house, it is very messy, with mostly my stuff strung out all over the place.

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