Friday, April 22, 2005

Blogs Will Change Your Business (article)

This is a good article about blogs from the viewpoint of companies, instead of from a viewpoint of people. The best stuff is:

Hate to get wiggy here. But if the blogs eventually swallow up ad revenue, what's going to happen to us [us -as in the media]?
Yes, we, too, are under the gun. MSM, the bloggers call us. Mainstream media. And many of them delight in uncovering our errors, knocking us off that big pedestal we've occupied since the first broadsheets started circulating.
We have to master the world of blogs, too. This isn't because they're taking away ad revenue, at least not yet, but because they represent millions of eyewitnesses armed with computers spread around the world. They are potential competitors -- or editorial resources.

So there you have it, that is why the newspapers are shaking, and books predict the fall of traditional news. Not because bloggers make better news, but because bloggers will take away ad revenue from the traditional media. Interesting.

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