Thursday, April 28, 2005

Notes From the Subconscious

frivolity (blargticle)

I have been reading frivolity for a while now (even since Newgen mentioned it), and she usually posts good stuff, but i thought her post today was just great:

We are the multitasking generation of impatience and high expectations.
But this stream of consciousness, this effortless creation, is it art? Could it ever be? We need the bright flashes, the quick transitions, image after image after image. We have pop art eyes, except that the repeating images become old even when they're changing colors. We don't have time for Van Gogh; we don't even have time for Warhol. Jackson Pollock, maybe: splash, splatter, look at all the colors and figure that it doesn't mean a thing and move on.
We can't sit by ourselves and contemplate when we've become so painfully aware of the twitchings of our fingers that begin to panic with prolonged inactivity. Flash, flash, flash. We don't have time for postmodernism. The effort lies in the consideration of the art if not in the making of it, and if the interpretation is not shrink-wrapped and simple for us, considering makes us sweat.

it's so true.

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Canis Ex Machina said...

Scarily true. People obsess so much about packing stuff into their lives, faster and faster, that the one thing they never have time for is simply to live.