Sunday, April 17, 2005

Aaaarrrgh! Pirate candidate wins student election (article)

Aye, matey! The Pirate Captain is now the student government president at North Carolina State University.
Will Piavis ran under the name the Pirate Captain and won a runoff election, with nearly 59 percent of the vote. As the results were read, his supporters chanted his name and wore pirate hats from Long John Silver's restaurant.
His supporters point to high voter turnout as evidence that he will be good for the school. Others were disturbed by what they saw as a lack of substance.
"He doesn't really have any issues," senior Alissa Tompkins said. "All his quotes in the paper were in pirate language that doesn't make any sense."

Raise ye Jolly Roger! It be a mighty day for pirates world 'round!

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Update: from the

During a short speech to dissenters and supporters alike, Piavis revealed his real name and declared that during "The Year of the Pirate," his main focus would be getting the students involved with Student Government.

Does this mean the year of the pirate is back on? Cause I'm thinking ninja's are getting their butts kicked in every aspect...

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The Math Ninja said...

It's a sad time I tell ya. The pirates are back strong this year. There is a lot to it. Chris's pirate v. ninja comic, the president pirate at UNC, the jardine pirate bash...poor ninja's. They didn't even last til summer.