Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Pirate Captain moves on to final election

Campus Chronicles

Although none of the four candidates vying for the position of student body president received the majority vote required, candidates Will Quick and The Pirate Captain rose above the fray and will go head to head in a runoff election next week.
This semester's election marked a record high in voter turnout, which totaled almost 27 percent of the student population, according to Pierson.
The fact was punctuated by the almost 150 students present at the announcement, several of whom were decked in anything from full pirate regalia to cardboard pirate hats obtained from the seafood chain Long John Silver's.
'I hear we got record turnout,' the Captain said. 'I be nothing but impressed.'
The Captain also said he was thrilled with the prospect of participating in the runoffs and inspired by the support.
'I couldn't be happier,' the Captain said. 'The wind be in our sails. It warms our souls and carries our boats.'"

Good news for pirates all around the word!
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