Monday, April 25, 2005

The Manhattan Mercury

I Wonder (article)

The actual question they are answering isn't that important, what is is this:

The charge you're referring to is a law designed to prevent criminals from using phones, wires, radios, beepers, pagers, computers, computer networks, and so forth to transmit writing, signs, signals, pictures and sounds in selling illegal drugs.

...So if you are doing something illegal (possibly it applies to just selling drugs?), then you can not use phones, computers, radios (?!?), etc...
This sounds very un-constitutional...
Hopefully there is just something i am missing. Because really, that is sort of like arresting someone for drunk driving because they have a car and you see beer cans in their trash can.

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hockeyfrog said...

Its strictly about selling drugs. When the article came out originally talking about the charges these people faced (not the I Wonder one), it was stating that some of them were being charged with "illegal use of a communications facility"... this clarified it to be only implicated when it was in connection with a drug charge.