Sunday, April 17, 2005

Aruba Jam Sprite!

The other day when we were at Walsmart we noticed a new Sprite. Aruba Jam Sprite to be specific. Being the daring person that I am, I decided to get it. Now all i needed was a victim (the p.c. term is volunteer) to try it.
Here one comes now...

Me: Say, would you like to try Aruba Jam Sprite?

Nicole: Sure, why not.

Me: So... how does it taste?

Nicole: Eh, like Sprite, but not as citrusy...
Me: So do you like it?
Nicole: Not really.

There you have it folks, Aruba Jam Sprite, tastes like Sprite, and that (apparently) isn't a good thing.

I tried it, and i actually do like it, if i had to choose between Sprite or it's Jammin' friend I would go Aruba Style (as kids call it these days). But really Coke is putting so much effort into making all these different kinds of Sprites, that really no one wants. I wish that they would start to make Surge again, if only during the summer times. Oh Surge, how i miss thee.

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Big Red Lance said...


You entertain me. (Also, thanks to Nicole for the lovely demonstration). I'll remember not to waste my money on "special" Sprite. The original (especially in Diet form) is much better.

Go 'yotes.