Monday, April 25, 2005

I predict a riot

Heaneyland! (blog)

This guy decided to buy a CD that he had tried out first by downloading the music. Since the music was good, and he liked having the actual CDs around he decided to give the RIAA some money. But...

They had stuck an anti-piracy warning smack in the middle of the CD itself! On top of a pretty spiffy design! unacceptable. [...]
This all seems like the dumbest fucking idea in the world. I just want to shake every single moron who works for the RIAA by the lapels and say to them, "Do you understand? The thing that makes me want to buy CDs is that I am a geek who enjoys having physical objects around. If you go around stamping ugly text directly on the artwork in a CD's packaging, you are decreasing my incentive to want to buy it, because you are making it objectively less attractive as an object."

It’s kinda like not wanting to buy games because the actual product is inferior to the pirated version...

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