Thursday, April 28, 2005

Arkansas salon requires thumbprint to get a tan

Boing Boing (blog)

And then I hung up and wrote you this email. I think the Arkansas chapter of the ACLU and the Arkansas state attorney general's office need to be contacted... this stuff really gets me steamed.

I, too think it is stupid for the business to require people to get a thumbprint to get a tan, but look, it is the business’s idea, not the government’s!
We live in a capitalist society, so when a company does something you don't like, don't go there! There is no reason for getting the ACLU involved in a stupid company policy.
If the ACLU is interested in this, then I need to contact them about Quizno's limiting my right to get Coke at their place. I don't like that they switched to Pepsi, but the way I show that I don't like the move is by not going there as much. People need to realize that our Rights are protected, for the most part, only from the government limiting them. Companies can try to do it all they want, but they will do so at the cost of customers.

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hockeyfrog said...

QUIZNOS SWITCHED TO PEPSI????? NOoooooOOOOoOOOo. That was the only place I've EVER seen have Vanilla Coke in the fountains...