Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today started out pretty slow. I didnt have homework to do, so I started to grade tests, after the first page my students aren’t doing too badly. Class went by rather quick, which is good because it is a long class, so if it drags, it takes forever. After class I went home and took a shower, then ate lunch with Chris and Jenette at Panera. After lunch I got a ride to school so that I could teach. My class went fine, and I got out a little earlier than I have lately. After class I did a bunch of upkeep for school and then called Nicole for a ride home.
Soon both of us were hungry so we decided to go eat at Quiznos. After eating some good toasted sandwiches we went off to the mall so that I could pick up some cheap cargo pants from Aeropostale. The pants fit great, and now I have a pocket to carry my camera in (and mp3 player too! ^_^ ). After the mall we just came back home and putzed around, and here we are now. whadda day.

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