Monday, April 18, 2005

Madden Football


Along with finally providing an answer to the question of which player will be picked first in the 2005 NFL Draft, the first hour of ESPN's Draft coverage on Saturday, April 23, will also give the world its first look at the next generation of videogames -- Madden NFL football will make its next generation debut in a TV ad airing within the first hour of the broadcast, which begins at 12:00pm ET / 9am PT.

This is a very good marketing ploy. You sit through the first hour of the draft to watch an ad, but they don't tell you when the ad is, and it will be the *only* time they show it, which prob. means that they got a discount for running the ad.... They have some guys on the ball over there at EA. Good thing the internet will find it for me after the fact. Huzzah for the internet!

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