Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Vote The Pirate Captain

Vote The Pirate Captain (site)

A guy (bunch of guys?) are running for student body president as pirates... yeah... ^_^

From his plank:

Let Our State Know We Are Here
It bae a power struggle that never bae ending, mates. I bae speakin' about the Board o' Governors! If all 16 colleges in this fine state were to come together under tha foin leadership o' The Pirate Captain, we bae an armada able ta do great things- and most definatly bae heard by thar Board o' Governors.

If i was a student of UNC i would vote for this guy. Twice. (at least click the link to see the pic on the front page, it is good.)


nettymus said...

In other Pirate news, the Jardine "Last Bash" is called "THe Pirate's Last Parade" and on the flier it says "Have your picture taken with a pirate" We may have to go.

Ookami Snow said...

Yeah I saw that. Out of everything Jardine has done, that looks to be the most interesting. ^_^