Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cary Sherman of the RIAA speaks with College Journalists

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Following up the internet2 talk of last night:

Question:Jim Rogers, University of Missouri-Columbia, The Maneater: Is the RIAA considering action against Internet2 itself, rather than simply users of the network?
Cary Sherman:We have no problem with Internet2. It is a neutral network that is capable of outstanding beneficial uses. It just happens to be being misused by some file-sharers who think it's a convenient way to steal music. We hope to work with Internet2 to see if there are technical steps that can be taken to reduce the vulnerability to abuse of the network.

This is from a press conference the RIAA held about suing the i2 users. So what he is saying is that i2 could be used for good, so it is ok. Doesn't this sound the exact opposite of what they are saying about Grokster?

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hockeyfrog said...

I'm not sure if my point was made really clear last night about Internet2. It seriously was meant strictly for educators... not necessarily just educational purposes. Granted, I should show you how to tie a new kind of knot and then i'd be an educator.. but yeah. Internet2 isn't regulated like the good ol' Internet(1)... it was meant to be up to the universities and administrations of them to be regulating it and the transmission of what types of educational material... however I really don't see that concept being grasped by the network administrators, and obviously, the RIAA is seeing it too with people using Internet2 for the transmission of copyrighted materials... but still.. there is no way that file sharing is going to be completely shut down.... IRC is protected by an act signed in by Clinton.. and thats where I get a lot of my programs and albums. *shrugs* I do respect the RIAA for this move, although I wouldn't want them coming after me, obviously. They aren't being wishywashy about it being through one protocol or another.