Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rally brings women together, warns of dangers

K-State Collegian (article)

Participation in the march itself is limited to women, but men can play an important and crucial part in educating other men and ending violence against women, said Heath Harding, educational administration assistant director.
"Men can help support women by using their privileges to speak with other men about the impact of violence in their lives and their families' lives," Evenstar said. "Men can help empower women to resist the fear and find proactive ways of reducing violence against women and men."

It's that time of year again. Remember men to use your 'privileges' to speak to other men...
... :P

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hockeyfrog said...

I'm marching this year so I can wear shoes in Aaron's kitchen. And maybe he'll get me a watch for my birthday as opposed to using the one on the stove.


Yeah, that was a joke... actually he told me that one time and I just about punched him.

Seriously though, the intent behind Take Back the Night is good... its just not represented in quite the right light. (quite the right light.. the fish dish was quite delish..) I think this is how a lot of groups unfortunately take stances (ie, the groups against the marriage amendment. Had they taken QSA's stance and been a little more understanding and open with a friendly "God Loves Everyone" kind of thing... I think it might not have turned off so many people).