Monday, April 11, 2005

The sandwich I got was a Planet Sub (or a Yello Sub depending on the name of the building you are in). It was basically like I remember it, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. They do have some other subs that I want to try, so I’ll be going back at least a couple more times. The best thing about it is the interior. Nothing too special, but it fells very cozy, and I think it is a place that would be good to grab your homework and do it while eating lunch. This is something that the rest of the eateries in Aggieville do not cater to well. So if I get hungry while working on homework, I may drop into Planet Sub just due to the fact that I can have a good place to spread my books out and have a bite to eat.
Well since I’m this far I might as well make this a full blown review of the place:
The prices were decent, with a foot long sub being $7-8, or a 6” is $4-5. I don’t think I would eat more than a 6” normally, so a foot long is a cheap dinner for two, if you are not terribly hungry. Nicole and I ate there for about $10, including two drinks. The staff was nice, and seemed to have the Lawrence hippie-ness to them (but I guess that could have just been my mind...). Overall, not a bad place to go... although I would have rather have seen it be a Wahoo’s Fish Taco. ^_^

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