Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wis. Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting

The Associated Press (article)

Feline lovers holding pictures of cats, clutching stuffed animals and wearing whiskers faced-off against hundreds of hunters at meetings around Wisconsin to voice their opinion on whether to legalize cat hunting.
Residents in 72 counties were asked whether free-roaming cats - including any domestic cat that isn't under the owner's direct control or any cat without a collar - should be listed as an unprotected species. If listed as so, the cats could be hunted.
Every year in Wisconsin alone, an estimated 2 million wild cats kill 47 million to 139 million songbirds, according to state officials. Despite the astounding numbers, Smith's plan has been met with fierce opposition from cat lovers.
One of the attendees was Katy Francis, who wore cat ears, whiskers, a cat nose and a sign that read, "Too Cute to Kill." For Francis, "The cat hunting thing brought me out because it was very extreme."

Cats that are feral are very devastating to local environments. On small islands they have been known to make many species to extinct. But people don't want them to be killed because they are “too cute”. Right.
A local example of free roaming cats destroying other animals is here in Jardine. We used to have about four rabbits around our apartment; they would have about one or two bunnies every spring. Last year a cat started to run around attacking to rabbits, and we know it at least killed two bunnies. I have not seen any rabbits around here at all this year, and i think they are all dead. :(
Oh yeah, and some retards over in the I building have cat food and water out for it. Cats are very destructive when they are allowed to roam about. Feral cats need to have their population reduced as quickly as possible.


nettymus said...

Agreed! They ate the bunnies by my house, too! I saw it with my own eyes (and heard the little bunny scream).

Moral Turpitude said...

On Wisconsin!